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The spirit bead makes the flood and famine Full-time Job

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 She wanted to appear in front of Lingzhu in style. Two people in Hongjun side for so many years, not to mention anything else, at least this network is quite wide, recognize a lot of casual. In order to increase the strength of heaven, Haotian and Yao Qiong went to visit them one by one and asked them to come out of the mountains and serve in heaven. Their action,smart whiteboard price, although did not pull any real master, after all, those masters will not sell Haotian Yao Qiong face, one by one has its own temper. Those who invest in heaven are those who are not very strong and want to find a backer. After all, after the Lich War, these casual practitioners understand a truth, that is, if their strength is not high and there is no backer behind them, it is very easy to be unlucky. Although the strength of heaven is not very strong now,smart interactive whiteboard, but after all, it is the emperor of heaven appointed by Daozu, Haotian and Yao Qiong are in charge of heaven under the orders of Hongjun. Although their backing is not as big as the sage's backing, it is not so easy to find the sage's backing, but the heaven is open to all comers, as long as they enter the heaven, at least they have the status of righteousness. At that time, no matter who wants to move them, they have to weigh their own weight first, so many casual practitioners joined the heaven, so that the heaven can operate normally. At this point, Haotian and Yao Qiong became the Lord of Heaven. Haotian was nominally in charge of all the immortals, but in fact the female immortals were completely managed by Yao Qiong. In terms of female immortals, Haotian's words were not as effective as Yao Qiong's. In order to make their own name, I do not know who gave them a bad idea, took a string of very long names, Haotian called Jinque Supreme Natural Mira True Jade Emperor God. Yao Qiong is called the Golden Mother of the Jade Pool from Xihua to Miaodong, interactive whiteboard prices ,face recognition identification kiosk, or the Jade Emperor and the Queen Mother for short. Fortunately, Lingzhu is not here. If I knew that the two of them had taken such a perverted name, I don't know if I would have scolded them. What is this? I learned to engage in formalism after being an official for so long.Looking at this space, Xuanming was surprised that there was chaos everywhere, but also a very peaceful one, she could not think of any place in the flood and famine with such a bad environment. Just anxious for a while, Xuanming calmed down, recalled the process of his coma, immediately thought of the ghost of the spirit beads,thermal imaging camera, want to understand that the ghost of the spirit beads, Xuanming will no longer worry about their own safety, quietly thinking. hsdtouch.com

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