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The end of marriage Full-time Job

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He didn't say anything after reading the post, but I think. This is the calm before the storm. If you and Lu Chengyang really want to make up, you'd better come back. Su said a long list, but there was still no sound over there. What's going on? Didn't you hear? Lu Chengyang said in a deep voice,artificial cherry blossom trees for weddings, "I know. I will find time to come and explain it to Dad." Su was surprised by Lu Chengyang's voice. He hesitated for a while before asking, "How could you answer the phone?" "Looking for a bath." Her cell phone was on the tea table, and when Lu Chengyang saw the phone ringing, he saw that it was Su who was calling, so he picked it up. Wait a minute. Are you looking there? Or is she at your house? Sue immediately asked, thinking and feeling wrong,large ficus tree, "What did you just call my dad?" Who gave him permission to call him dad?! Chapter 52. "I was married to Xunxun before. Is it right to call him Dad?" Lu Chengyang calmly answered, "I'm looking for here now, and I'll tell her about it later." On the third day after the night of Su Xiaozong's disappearance, Su really looked for Lu Chengyang and learned about what had happened in those years. He did not object to Su Xun getting back together with Lu Chengyang. In his opinion, Su Xun had never really forgotten Lu Chengyang, not to mention that he had a little curly hair. He sincerely suggested: "You'd better not live at home for the time being. If my father came there and saw you, he would only be more angry." Lu Chengyang was silent for a moment and said, "I know." Since he sent the clarification post, Cheng Ran hired those water army has been withdrawn, that day she said to fight with him all the time, worried that she would do something to hurt Su Xun and Su Xiaozong, Lu Chengyang simply stay with them, pick up every day, outdoor ficus tree ,silk olive tree, moreover, he did not want to give Su Xun hesitation and retreat. "My father might hit someone," Su reminded him again. Lu Chengyang: "Yes, I know." This person is really boring. Su smiled and said jokingly, "You call my father Dad. Come on, let's hear it." Lu Chengyang: ".." Su Xiaozong, who was lying on the carpet to put together Lego toys, pulled him over and put the phone to his ear. Su Xiaozong heard Su say, "What's wrong with calling brother?"Su Xun struggled for a moment, not understanding how he suddenly apologized, "I know when you came back alone, your father was very angry, the person who was beaten should be me." The body of the man in his arms stiffened in an instant. "Tomorrow I'll go back with you. I always owe your father an explanation. I married his daughter secretly and let her come back alone to take care of the child." Whatever the reason, I can't shirk it. It's all my responsibility. Su Xun was silent for a moment and did not push him away again,fake blossom tree, but in what capacity did he go back with her to see her father? Lu Chengyang's throat rolled. He had not seen Su Xun in his arms for many years. He lowered his voice and said, "I know you will take Xiao Zong back to have dinner with your father every weekend. Let me go back with you tomorrow. Your father's anger should be directed at me, not let you bear it alone." 。 hacartificialtree.com

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