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Sweeping the world Full-time Job

2 months ago Training Dainava (Kaunas) 82 views
Darbo Aprašymas

Fu Hong didn't cover up too much after he led the army into Bingzhou. He plundered the population in a series of plunder, especially looking for all kinds of craftsmen. Every time he went to a place, he tried his best to collect books,plastic bottle making machine, and the population and resources he got were sent to the north. As strong as the actual rulers of the Central Plains, the Jie clan retreated in the face of the rise of Han, Fu Hong did not feel that he could fight with Han with the Jie clan. Fu Hong thought more thoroughly than Shi Hu, and he definitely read more history books than Shi Hu. If we go through the historical books, we can find that when the local forces in the Central Plains rise and show signs of prosperity, it is time for some ethnic groups who are not "Chinese" to lie down, that is, to be abused by the local Dynasties in the Central Plains. Han is a strong country no matter how you look at it. When it is weak, it dares to be the enemy of the whole world. Even if it has not been defeated, Fu Hong feels that the rise of Han is unstoppable. It is a fool to stay around Han again. He has already thought about how to make a big profit and go away. He has even thought about where to go. Fu Hong wanted to go to the basin below the plateau, which had always been the habitat of the Qiang people. At present, the Qiang people are in a state of fragmentation. The Di people and the Qiang people have always had their origins. He thought that he could take advantage of the convenience of their origins to become the commander of the Qiang, which meant that he could easily gain a firm foothold in the basin. The basin under the plateau is a good place, in addition to the Qiang and a small number of Di, water filling machine ,Blowing Filling Capping combiblock, another large ethnic group is Tuyuhun. In fact, the Tuyuhun clan was clearly divided into dozens of tribes, and after a few hundred years of annexation, there would be six left (that is, the six imperial edicts behind), and the Nanzhao Kingdom was established. Since it is to get a vote to go, Fu Hong is impossible to go desperately with the Han army, not only disobeyed Shi Xuan's orders many times, and even no less Shi Hu's will.  This time by Li Tan command of the Northern Expedition, the size of the Han army will not be more than before, or even can be said to be relative to the previous forces have been very small. North shogunate system will only have six army, the rest whether county soldiers or servant army will participate in, but the county soldiers and servant army is only a kind of security forces, the latter two command is in the center, not in the north shogunate. Kui Jiantong led the Yulin Army,Vegetable oil filling machine, the Third Cavalry Army and the Fourth Cavalry Army northward through Jiuze. They had crossed Pingtao and entered the vast grassland area near the middle reaches of Wenshui River. That place happens to be in the middle of Jinyang and Zhongyang, and it takes almost the same time to attack any target, and then it is conducive to intercepting Shi Xuan's headquarters that may escape. gzxilinear.com

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