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Shangguan Dingyang Pass Triassic Full-time Job

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"There's no need to ask. Naturally,touch screen digital signage, because we're girls, that's what they're called." Ding Qiwu stood up and took two steps and said, "I was framed and arrested by the big black man's men. This must be what your wife meant, right?" Xiao Tiao nodded and said, "Of course. The big black man is Chu Benxiong, the chief bodyguard. The word" chief bodyguard "sounds very nice, but if you think about it carefully, you will know that he is just the head of a group of male servants." Ding Qiwu agreed and said,digital signage kiosk, "That's right, girl." Suddenly -- As soon as the door curtain was lifted, a middle-aged woman looked in and said with a smile, "Two girls, the water is ready!" Without waiting for a reply, he shone back. Xiao Tao smiled and said, "Childe, go to take a bath." Ding Qiwu felt a shock in his heart. The two maidservants, one on the left and one on the right, were the same as before. They held him tightly and walked out of the hall. Ding Qiwu did not know whether to laugh or cry. "I can walk by myself. What are you doing here?" The little apricot snorted and said, "People's hearts are separated from their bellies. I can't help guarding against you." As he spoke, he reached another small room in the west, where he saw a huge bronze mirror in front of him, mounted in a carved frame of rosewood. In front of the mirror was a huge wooden bathtub. A basin of hot water was steaming, and the water was rich and pungent with spices. There was a wooden frame not far from the bathtub, temperature check kiosk ,facial recognition thermometer, on which new hats, new socks and new shoes were hung, and the materials were all good silks and satins. The two maidservants took him to the room. Xiao Tao said with a smile, "Wash it clean. I hope those clothes fit well." Then he chuckled and pulled the apricot away. "I haven't had a bath yet," cried Ding Qiwu. "Why are you leaving?" Apricot glared at him and said, "Don't be crazy here. You should understand a little." Ding Qiwu rolled his eyes and sat lazily in a huge chair of rosewood. He felt very comfortable, not because the chair was so big, but because every time he sat down, he felt very comfortable, even on an angular stone. The hall was clean and dust-free, and all the furniture was of the finest wood, and the paint was bright and pleasant. Outside the window,Interactive digital signage, you can see the peaks of the brocade, and you can know that it is in the deep mountains. Ding Qiwu can't help but be interested in this place. Who built such a house in the deep mountains? If you don't have any worries, it's a very comfortable thing to live in this place for a lifetime. hsdtouch.com

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