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Heaven's plan to control hegemony Full-time Job

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Time seems to have passed for a long time. And as if only for a moment! A message from yuanbao lifted her spirits. 【...... Small-range random locking ...... Emotional goals 'Like '...'. Transmission begins ......】 It was dark in front of him and lit up in an instant. Yuexi felt as if she had been stuffed into a very narrow box, which was so small that she could hardly breathe. Just about to struggle out. An intuitive sense of danger came, and she was sure that there would be a terrible crisis if she left the box. She quieted down. 。 First,Agate Slabs Countertops, carefully recall the knowledge prepared before departure. Restrain your emotions and begin to accept some memories from yuanbao. ............ In the elegant and delicate room full of soft breath, the light blue gauze curtain is put down, covering the sleeping figure with slender outline. This is a girl's boudoir. Outside the room, a few little maids with heads were gathering together, chattering in a low voice, and their voices were very happy. Farther away,white marble mosaic, a servant woman was talking and laughing loudly. Each face is filled with joy, the atmosphere inside and outside the house shows that the owner here met a happy event, a big happy event, jubilant! "Is this the joy of seven emotions?" Sitting in the pale blue gauze tent, a slender and beautiful girl with thick black hair slipped onto the bed like satin. There was a trace of doubt on the girl's face. I checked myself first, such as looking at my arms, pulling my hair, comparing the length of my legs, and finally showed a little smile. The nose gave a sniff. Quickly stretched out his slender arm from the bedside snack plate, took a piece to taste, Artificial Marble Slabs ,Marble Granite Price, smiled a little wider, and stretched out his hand again. Sure enough, it's the joy of seven emotions! The food here was better than some of the snacks she had eaten, and if it was at this level, it would be much easier for her to feel happy. The mind moves: [Soul (Remnant) (Repairable 60)] [Soul Power 10 (50)] [Joy of Seven Sentiments: 19 (100)] [Wrath of Seven Sentiments: 20 (100)] [Source: 2] ...... This is an abridged version of her own data. It takes 1 point of source power to travel through the small world, and 1 point of source power to return, which is equivalent to more than ten sixth-order materials and magic weapons. The different laws of the world? The way of heaven repels? She did not grow up little by little from this world through reincarnation, so as long as she exposed her identity as an outsider, she was vulnerable to the restrictions and exclusion of the world's heaven. If the soul body is separated from the present body, it will face the world directly. The danger is unpredictable! Her body now is her protective layer. She is an important instrument in this world! Thinking of this,Agate Slabs For Sale, Yuexi, who had planned to go out to look for joy and Reiki items for refining, temporarily gave up immediate action. Silently returned to the green gauze tent. The first thing is to try to lead the spirit to practice!. forustone.com

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