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Extra son-in-law Full-time Job

2 months ago Training Dainava (Kaunas) 91 views
Darbo Aprašymas

Now that he had decided to return to Jiangning as soon as possible, the next morning, Ning Yi found an official ship through the relationship of the Tang family. Jiangnan a variety of rich officials and businessmen intertwined,PET bottle Mold, on the road to escape the good luck even in Zhenjiang is also able to have influence, Tang Xiuxuan this kind of big brother although not in Zhenjiang, but learned that he was going to go, some of the children of the Tang family or by the grace of the rich, relatives are also hurried to come, have said that if there is any trouble in the future, you can find them, must be The Su family is a businessman, if you want to do any business, we have a relationship,PET blowing machine, will also say a polite word. On the way to escape, Ning Yi was in a coma, and the whole team was in a dilemma. Later, it was learned that the pursuers wanted to catch Ning Yi. Some people in the team had used some means to make the pursuers turn their attention to him as much as possible. For example, when An Xifu and others attacked and bombed the camp, they specially sent a group of people to protect Ning Yi, which was actually a superfluous move that attracted attention. After Ning Yi was caught, he vaguely spelled out the intention of the whole thing, but what happened in that situation, he did not intend to pursue, the other side is just a small action to push the boat along, not really want to harm people's malice. After all, Ning Yi at that time also never expected the people around him to have a high moral character, did not regard each other as companions, such a thing happened, can not be said to be completely unexpected. Now that they have come back, they are willing to make a good relationship, water filling machine ,liquid bottle filling machine, so there is no need to be polite. When he left Hangzhou, he was ready to give up his business because of his family, but now he can use these relationships to spread out directly towards the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal.  "Those seven, that's about it.". Mr. Du Sha, who ranks first, has reached the threshold of first-class. At present, the most powerful one should be Luo Bingren, who has always kept a low profile. But Qian Luoning, who ranks last,PET blow moulding machine, has the best aptitude. In the future, his achievements should be above other companions. You can't reach it. If you work harder in the future.. Well, it should be about the same as Fang Shuchang at the moment. 。 gzxilinear.com

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