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Evil women are invincible Full-time Job

2 months ago Training Dainava (Kaunas) 82 views
Darbo Aprašymas

The first strangler put away the red thread hidden in the palm of his hand, smiled, and followed silently. And all around the help to see the obvious fear of the sudden appearance of the beauty, also dare not act. ———————————————— Outside the North Ice City, Tiger Roaring Mountain As he walked along, the man shook off Hua's hand, and Hua realized that he had always been a neat freak,ultrasonic welding transducer, because he was so absorbed in thinking that he was holding his hand all the way. Bad, bad. The first strangulation saw the flower forget to be bullied, deceiving the body forward in front of the flower forget. First, it's all right. Hua forgot to bow her head and smile. She said to Shen Wu, "Now Ayako won't dare to embarrass you any more. Let's say goodbye." God is not a little surprised, the woman in front of him did not ask him where he came from, did not deliberately entangle him, and did not take the opportunity to ask for any benefits. This made him very puzzled, and for a moment he was a little surprised. The flower forgets to the God without the defense excessively only to smile bitterly, curls the mouth to signal the first strangulation to put away the red line to leave. Wait a minute Shen Wu suddenly stopped Hua Wang and said, "Will you be my wife?" "What?" The first strangle curious to join in the fun, the flower forget sneer: "Is looking for me as a shield.". I don't have this stupid hobby. "I'm the second best player in Redemption." Hua forgot to turn around and looked at Shen Wu, who proudly raised his head. He said coldly, sonicator homogenizer ,ultrasonic cutting machine, "Shen Wu, I always thought you were a good opponent. It seems that I think highly of you." "Do you know the evil woman Chou Chou?!" God is not so excited that he wants to pull the flower to forget. She had always been his goal, so he was excited when he heard her news. < a href = http://www.qidian.com > Qidian Chinese Network www.qidian.com welcomes friends to visit and read, the latest, fastest and most popular serial works are all in Qidian Original! Chapter ① ⑨ What about the second master?! Updated July 21, 2009 17:40:35 Words: 2161 "Shen Wu, is the second master of Redemption great?" Hua Wang smiled coldly and asked the first strangler, "First, how many levels are you?" My terms? The flower forgets in the heart to be angry sneer at, shrugs one's shoulders to smile -- the good intention helps the second person to come to this kind of end again. Her forgotten principle of life is that the grace of a drop of water is reciprocated by a spring, but those who are too arrogant to her are also reciprocated by a spring,ultrasonic handheld welder, hehe.. "The first" flower forgets to look to the first strangulation, ask slowly: "With your present rank challenge" Redemption "the second master God does not have, what will be the result? 。 fycgsonic.com

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