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Real people Full-time Job

4 months ago IT & Telecoms Dainava (Kaunas) 133 views
Darbo Aprašymas

The color machine broke several trees, and it was knocked to pieces. But a moment before that, Alexei bounced out of the cabin, threw himself into the air, and landed on the top of a century-old spruce tree, sliding quickly down the branches and under the tree, where there was a snowdrift blown by the wind. He was saved.. Alexei could not remember how long he lay like this, unable to move and unconscious. There were shadowy figures, outlines of buildings, and strange cars, white marble slabs ,White Marble Slabs, moving rapidly before his eyes, and they were moving like a whirlwind, so that he felt a dull and disturbing pain all over his body. Then, out of the chaos, some hot, vague, huge thing came and sprayed him with stinking heat. He tried to avoid it, but his body was completely stuck in the snow and he couldn't move. Uncontrollable fear gnawed at him, and he made a sudden movement-suddenly he felt a chill enter his lungs, cold snow on his cheeks, and his feet hurt badly. Still alive! The thought flashed through his mind. He stirred again, trying to get up, when he heard the creaking of the frozen snow around him and the sound of a whistling hoarse breath. The Germans! He immediately guessed: "a prisoner, in the final analysis, is to be a prisoner!" What to do? He tried to restrain himself from opening his eyes or jumping up to defend himself. He thought of his mechanic, Yura, a jack-of-all-trades. Eula tried to sew the belt on the holster of his pistol that he had broken yesterday, but in the end it was not sewn on; he had to put the pistol in the pocket of his overalls when he flew out. To get it now, you have to turn your body sideways, and of course, it's impossible to do it without the enemy noticing. Alexei was lying on his stomach, and he felt the stiff pistol on his thigh. But he was lying motionless, and, if possible, the enemy would have walked away with him as a dead man. The German lingered around for a moment, sighing as if strangely, and then went up to Milesyev and bent down to creak the frozen snow. Alexei smelled the stinking breath again. Then he understood that there was only one German, and that it was possible to run for his life in this situation-to spy on the enemy, jump up and grab his throat tightly, and not let him shoot, so that he could fight the German soldiers one-on-one.. But it has to be done carefully and without fail. Without changing his posture, Alexei slowly opened one eye slightly and saw through his drooping eyelashes. In front of him was not a German, but a brown thing. He opened his eyes a little wider and immediately squinted tightly: in front of him was a large bear, thin and shaggy, sitting on the ground. 3 In a snowdrift with a faint blue glow in the sun. There was a motionless human form, and the bear sat quietly beside him, as only a wild animal can. Its dirty nostrils twitched softly, and from its slightly open mouth, the teeth were old and yellow, but still strong; a thin, thick saliva flowed down and drifted with the wind. The bear was driven from its hibernating cave by the war. It was hungry and fierce, but the bear did not eat the dead. He sniffed the frozen body,Porcelain Marble Slabs, smelled the pungent smell of gasoline, and walked lazily towards the glade. There also lay many such bodies, lying immobile and frozen in the ice and snow. A groan and a rustle drew it back. forustone.com

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Douluo Mainland by Tang Jiasanshao [End]