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Carapace frenzy Full-time Job

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Huo Qiang thought that after smashing so many steel balls, at least he could see the sparks burst out when he hit them, but in fact? It was clear that the steel ball should have hit it long ago, but he did not see any signs to prove the impact, so the alien fleet continued to move forward in silence. Now Huo Qiang couldn't sit still. "What's the matter? It's too much. Did you hit it?" Wu Han,Silver Travertine Slabs, chief of staff, said, "It's impossible for the shotgun to fail. I think the aliens should have come up with a way to deal with the shotgun." Zhuang Bo finally opened his mouth: "What method did they use?" "I can't guess that." Wu Han said, "We use solid smoke, maybe aliens have come up with similar methods, alien means, who knows?" "That's a great truth." Huo Qiang sighed, "forget it,Nero Marquina Marble Slab, get on the missile." Huo Qiang's tone was relaxed, but it was not the case when he heard everyone's ears. The captains immediately passed on the order, and the ships immediately removed the super shrapnel and replaced it with nuclear bombs. However, the accident happened again. Before the Jizhou fleet was ready, the head-on alien fleet suddenly dispersed. At first glance, it seemed that they wanted to use the circular tactics to deal with the Nanzhou fleet. Looking carefully again, they found that it was wrong. This time, the enemy ships did not spread in a limited way, but flew away in several directions. Wu Han immediately said, "Commander, the situation is not right. The enemy seems to have admitted it." "Why?" Huo Qiang frowned deeply. "Do they want to go around?" "Very likely." "Then don't wait. Don't be polite to rude guests." Huo Qiang said. After the aliens bypassed the Jizhou fleet, they must have continued to fly to Ceres, even if they could not stop the enemy, they could not let them go around so easily. A few seconds later, the electromagnetic guns on the 33 warships of the three battle groups fired at the same time, Stone Honeycomb Panel ,Slate Wall Panel, pouring fire on the enemy at the speed of 48 nuclear missiles per wave, and each target was four or five nuclear bombs in a row, when to finish a round, when to switch targets. After several successive waves, the Jizhou fleet stopped firing. When the distance between the two sides was still more than 10,000 kilometers, a captain volunteered: "Commander, I request to turn to pursuit!" Huo Qiang frowned. "How long will it take?" Wu Han said, "According to the current progress, there will be another three to five hours." "Too long." Huo Qiang said, "Order the Nanzhou fleet to leave a few warships to hold off the remnants of the enemy, the main force immediately pursued!" "All right, I'll convey it right away." Wu Han said. The captains looked at each other, and all their eyes were staring at Huo Qiang and Wu Han, but the two of them, as if nothing had happened, simply ignored the surprised eyes of the crowd. When Gao Kai received this order, he almost didn't collapse on the spot. The situation of the Nanzhou fleet had already been reported. Jizhou clearly knew the situation. How could he give such an unreasonable order? It is often said in the army that reasonable orders are training, unreasonable orders are training, but no matter how training, there is no such training, right? Did the commander not see the report? Thinking of this,Calacatta Nano Glass, Gao Kai immediately contacted Jizhou and asked for a direct call with Huo Qiang. The current distance between the two sides is only several hundred thousand kilometers, and the communication delay is just over one second, which is absolutely within the acceptable range. forustone.com

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Douluo Mainland by Tang Jiasanshao [End]